Get Healthy

Excerpt from Book:  "1st 79 Raw Food Questions" by Marsha Sims

Will eating raw foods really help me reduce weight, lower my blood pressure and cholesterol? 



First of all, eating raw foods will help you lose weight because there is nothing for the fat to hold on to.  My blood pressure was 170/105... dangerously high.  In one month my blood pressure was normal and I was OFF OF MEDICINE! This is my story.


According to the DVD “EATING” (, animal products are the only source of cholesterol on the planet.  So when you stop ingesting animal products, your cholesterol will get back to normal. 


According to the DVD “Simply Raw” ( eating raw will cure diabetes. According to them, you can get your diabetes under control by stopping eating what’s making you sick.

My father’s wife had Sarcoidosis, a potentially life threatening condition.  She went to Hipprocates Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida where they taught her to eat raw foods, and her condition improved to the point where she no longer has any symptoms or needs any medication ( .


The woman who taught me how to prepare the raw foods had rheumatoid arthritis, and she went to the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego, and she became a raw foodist, and now her rheumatoid levels are normal.


My friend, Raul, owner of the Greenwave Café in Fort Lauderdale had a serious health condition.  He got off of the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet), and began eating all raw.  He lost 50 lbs, and his cancer is gone.  (


Elizabeth, who runs the GWAH healing center in Hollywood, Florida had a condition that caused her to almost go blind.  She started on the raw foods about 15 years ago, and she says her eyesight is back to normal ( .


...and these are just the people I know personally.


There are literally HUNDREDS of stories just like this online.  Please start researching for yourself.   This is really amazing!!!