Lose Weight

Excerpt from Book:  "1st 79 Raw Food Questions" by Marsha Sims

1. What is Raw Food? What are the raw food categories?


Raw food is simply food in its natural state.  Raw means live, uncooked, unprocessed food.  This does NOT include meat or animal products of any kind.  My diet is called a “raw vegan” diet; vegan means no animal products (except that in my personal case, I do use honey.)


As an example, apples would be considered “raw,” because they are uncooked and unprocessed.  Canned apples, or apples with sugar on them would not be considered raw because they are processed.  Apples baked in an apple pie would not be considered raw because they are cooked.


Raw food is also food that has not been heated over 116 degrees.  When food is heated past 116 degrees, the heat begins to kill the live enzymes in the food.  Enzymes are the life sustaining force.  The absence of sufficient enzymes in the body can cause disease.

2. How long will it take before I see results in weight loss when eating raw?


It took eleven days of 100% raw for me.  On day 11 my breathing improved.  I could breathe in a way I’ve never been able to breathe before (I never ever had any breathing problems that I knew about... so that’s why this was so amazing.)    It’s like I could breathe deeper, almost like I could taste the air with my lungs.


By the next day (day 12) I had lost 4 pounds.  From then on weight started flying off of me.   By the fourth month of eating raw I had to pull out my old dusty sewing machine because my clothes were becoming obviously too big.  By the sixth month I had lost over 20 pounds, and people were beginning to ask me how much weight I was planning to lose.  By the eighth month I had lost almost 40 pounds.  To date, I have lost 43 1/2 pounds, and I am thrilled!

My blood pressure is back to normal.  My cholesterol is normal, and I have more energy than I had when I was in college.  Yesterday a woman commented that she didn't believe I had lost weight because I had no"flab."  I showed her my before pictures.  Last week I went to get a new eyeglass prescription, and my vision has improved!  (My vision has been getting worse every examination my entire life!)

But this is my story.  We are all different, our bodies are all different.  Some people start losing weight right away.  For some people, depending on your body’s metabolism, it may take longer.


When you watch Raw for 30 days, you will see that each person had a different reaction to eating raw.



Man loses 125 lbs